New Name, Same Spirit


As you may or may not have heard, we’re going through some changes.

Since we launched all the way back in August, we’ve held over a dozen events, creating connections between hundreds of former strangers in cities in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. We’ve grown so much and established such a distinct vibe that a name change wouldn’t really matter. Whatever we call this event, the spirit will always stay the same.

So why change any the first place? 

Well, this need for deeper connection, as we’ve seen while traveling from city to city, is universal, and we aren’t the only ones trying to fill this void. Out in Boston, for the past few years, there is an organization called Skip The Small Talk. Since 2016, they’ve been on the same mission of bringing people together through better conversation. I’ve spoken to Ashley the founder months ago and we had a friendly discussion on supporting each other’s movements but also making sure not to confuse people regarding our respective brands. As she’d been working hard on this for years and I am the new kid on campus, I gladly agreed to give up the name.

At first, it was going to be just a verb switch – from Skip to Scrap the Small Talk. But something didn’t feel right. I didn’t want to live in the shadow of another identity. Imagine if someone put out a series of books on a young wizard named Barry Potter. And as a few followers pointed out, maybe we could go into a more positive approach. After all, we aren’t necessarily condemning small talk; we’re just collectively agreeing to get past it. So now, after days of deliberation (and receiving input from all you awesome followers), we’ve made a decision. From this day onward, the monthly So Cards event will officially be called Beyond Small Talk.

The first will happen in Amsterdam on March 5th at Labyrinth. See you there!

Miguel Luis Calayan