when was the last time you got lost in conversation?


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Many people crave great conversation, but few know how to start one. A good question can be the tiny spark that ignites a forest fire of thoughts, ideas, and personal revelation. This deck has fifty-two of them designed to foster deeper or more entertaining discussions than if you’d simply asked how are you, how was work, or did you see that thing on the news? Bring this to parties, the dinner table, or to a stranger. Take turns, take your time, and see where one card can take you.

Watch the TEDx Talk on What Makes a Question Flop (And how to ask better ones):

Start your conversations with these.

Start your conversations with these.

 Here’s what people have said about So Cards:

These cards have been the single greatest gift to our dinner table. We have a forty-one, thirty-seven, thirteen, and ten-year-old at the table every night and these cards get pulled. And guess what... They always lead to a deeper discussion. We have had better conversations as a family over the last two weeks than we have ever had before (and we normally have great conversations... our table is known as the crying table because we go so deep). These cards are amazing. So happy we found them.
— Kyrk
Just wanted to let you know how much I love the card game. It brought the party to a whole new level! We learned something about everyone. We laughed a lot and some even cried... People asked about it all night and wanted to keep going.
— Jasmin
My flatmates and I talked until 4:30AM full of happiness, joy, deep, funny, and inspiring thoughts. We also had motivating thoughts like, ‘We can do everything we want in our lives and in this world.’ I had one of the most wonderful nights in my life and learned again how beautiful it can be just to listen.
— Julia
We’re living in a world that the cynics are often applauded. It’s hard not to be cynical in this day and age. Evil’s abundance right now makes being bitter the sane solution to living. This philosophy gave birth to Cards Against Humanity, a board game that releases and applauds the worst in us all. It’s a great release of tension and all. But does anyone miss the good part of humanity in a form of a card game? If you do, you would love So Cards.
— Scoutmag.ph


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