It’s hard to avoid surface-level conversations. Even if you have the right questions, it can be a little awkward or intimidating to ask. To help with that issue, we decided to just create those opportunities for you. Through our events, we provide spaces for people to skip right past the shallows and dive straight into the deep end.

Beyond Small Talk

Beyond Small Talk is that space where you are allowed to bring down your walls and just be you. It’s a break from the ego and agenda. It’s a place where you get to know people for the sake of getting to know them.

The rules are simple: no talk of work, school, the news, or the weather.
Instead, we go through three rounds of intentional interaction.

Rather than looking for people with similar jobs and common interests, find others with whom you can resonate. Meet people outside your bubble from different countries and cultures. Share ideas and perspectives rather than business cards and LinkedIn profiles.

Upcoming dates:

Amsterdam – October 1st @ Labyrinth


Do you think your city needs one of our events?
We can make that happen!

Or maybe you’d like to start a chapter of your own?
That’s doable too!

Send us an email with the subject line
‘Beyond Small Talk x [your city]’