Where can I buy a deck?

At the moment, we’re still working out some kinks with distribution, so we’re only taking pre-orders. :(

What are the rules?

Just like traditional playing cards, the rules really are up to you. We do have plenty of ideas on how to play, which you can find here. If you’ve discovered some of your own, feel free to share!

How do I win?

As you’ll see in some versions of the game, you can win by having people vote for your answer. But in the end, if you walk away with a deeper connection with another person, that’s a win in our books.

Why the card game? Can’t I just ask my own questions?

We’ve found that a lot of people would love to make that jump from small talk to deeper, more personal conversations. However, a lot of the same people would rather wait than initiate. It is, after all, pretty scary to make that move. What if they think you’re weird from going from talking about the weather to asking about anxieties? By framing it as a game, it becomes a lot less intimidating. There’s no need to figure out a proper segue, as you can just simply draw a card. And there wouldn’t be any fear of judgment for asking certain questions – if the other person thinks it’s a weird question, you can blame chance, or if you want, you can blame us too.

Who can I play with?

Friends, family, classmates, co-workers – as long as everyone is curious enough, open enough, and willing to listen, you can play with whoever you want.

Even strangers?

Of course! If you’re feeling daring enough, sure! Head to a café or a bar and find someone you want to connect with:

“Hi, do me a favor and pick a card.”

“Is this a magic trick?”

“I don’t know about tricks, but it could be pretty magical.”