The "Rules"

While the rules of the game are really up to you, we do have a few suggestions for how to play.


Draw a card. Everyone then answers the same question. The person whose turn it is then picks the best answer and gives him/her the card.


Have everyone pick a different question each, and then
take turns answering them.


Do this on your own. Use the questions as writing prompts for a journal entry or a vlog topic or simply a means of personal reflection.

If I Were You

Pick a card, then have everyone else answer the question as if they were you. The person whose answer is closest to the truth wins the round.

Lightning Round

Go against all the principles and try to answer as many questions as you can, as fast as you can.

Quick draw

Players draw seven cards each. At the start of each turn, they must pick a question they want answered. Then at the count of three, as fast as they can, everyone places that card in the middle of the table. The person whose card is on top of the pile must then answer the question in the bottom. Discard the pile, draw another, and move on.

Q for Q

Players draw seven cards each. At the start of each turn, the player picks a question from his/her hand, reads it, then at the count of three, everyone else puts down a card of their own. The player whose turn it is must answer the first question to be put down, then person who put it down must answer the original question. It is then that person’s turn and the cycle continues.

Power Hour

Assign a person to keep track of the time. At the start of each turn, set a timer for one minute. Take a shot of beer, read a question, and everyone discuss that question as extensively as possible. Once time runs out, pick another card, take another shot, and repeat until you get through the entire deck. Okay, this isn't exactly an hour, but fifty-two minutes is close enough.