So Cards – More Than Friends

So Cards – More Than Friends


The way we get to know a person changes when you see them as more than a friend. Just like exploring a city, there’s a difference between merely visiting and moving. You’re aren’t just looking for the highlights, but you seek out places that no one else knows about, walk through alleys guidebooks never mention, and get a sense of how you might fit. This deck is neither a map nor a compass. These cards are here to light your path just far enough for you to walk forward, make those discoveries for yourself, and if all goes well, get lost in conversation.

  • Meant to be played one-on-one with your partner.

  • Contains 47 questions, 5 non-verbal prompts, 1 blank card, 3 ‘instruction’ cards

  • This deck include such questions as, “If you and I had met as kids, how well would we have gotten along?”, “Do you believe chemistry is inherent or is it something you can build over time?” and “If all your exes got together, what’s one complaint they would all agree on?”

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